This Is Why Lauren From Fifth Harmony Had A Rattail On 'Faking It' Last Night

Plus all the other New Kids On The Block fashion references.

#Karmy shippers, are you still breathing after last night's Faking It episode? I know seeing your two faves separated is hard, but how about their new boos—not bad, eh?? In addition to new ~love~ prospects, last night's episode featured five very special guests. You may know them by their collective name—Fifth Harmony.

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The ladies of 5H made a special appearance to perform New Kids On The Block's 1988 hit, "You Got It (The Right Stuff)." The five ladies channeled Jordan, Jonathan, Joey, Donnie, and Danny with their coordinated dancing and, of course, their very '80s outfits.

We asked the show's costume designer, Beth Ann Hoppe, to give us some inside 411 on the looks and, as always, she delivered. Big time.

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The idea behind the looks, she revealed, was to mix one to two iconic NKOTB looks with new pieces for an updated take on their very '80s steez. She talked to 5H's team about who should be who, and landed on Ally as Joey, Normani as Donnie, Dinah as Danny, Lauren as Jordan, and Camila as Jonathan.


Donnie: Normani took on Donnie in shredded jeans (she wore the overall version), a "Home Girl" shirt, and multi-colored bomber, which was tied around her waist.

Jonathan: Camila pulled off Jonathan's simple look in suspenders and a button-up croptop.

Jordan: Lauren was 100% Jordan in an open jersey and, bravely, a rattail. At least she had her ponytail to hide it when she didn't want to flaunt it!

Joey: Ally channeled Joey in his signature bowler hat—a throwback to his Hanging Tough look.

Danny: Dinah did her best Danny impression in a oversized silk shirt, complete with a hot pink blazer.

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Watch 5H do their best NKOTB impression in last night's episode, below!