Fifth Harmony Challenge New Kids On The Block To Do Their ‘Right Stuff’ Dance … In Heels

Oh, it is so on, NKOTB!

Listen up, New Kids on the Block. The girls of Fifth Harmony have a pretty big challenge for you.

They want you to do your iconic "You Got It (The Right Stuff)" choreography... in heels.

But there's some back story: Fifth Harmony nailed the choreo in heels during their performance of the song on MTV's "Faking It," and it wasn't easy, since they only had 90 minutes to learn the dance.

"We are also doing the classic little dance that they do, which I'm going to be doing to be doing every social gathering, and we had to do it in heels," Camila said.

Then Normani threw down the gauntlet: "I think New Kids on the Block should do it in heels from now on."

5H, or NKOTB 2.0 as we like to call them, performed at an underground party on "Faking It," marking their first time performing on a TV show.

"Covering a boy band song is super super fun. I'm also a really big fan of the '90s type of music. The track is really synthesized and you really get that '90s sound," Ally said before Lauren continued, "Shooting the scene was definitely a little awkward because we are used to the music being loud and in your face but there was just like a play back."

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