'Are You The One?' Poll: Did Science Fail Briana And Curtis?

Fans are ready to riot after tests showed Curtana aren't a match.

Someone please blast "Love Hurts" ASAP, because we're still feeling the pain from the heart-wrenching news that budding "Are You the One?" lovebirds Briana and Curtis are NOT a perfect match. Say WHAT????

That's right, the handsome duo found out during last night's shocking episode that an extensive bunch of matchmaking tests don't deem them a compatible pair.

Curtana looked rather subdued at the jaw-dropping Match-Up ceremony but, before long, sensitive guy Curtis couldn't hide his sadness that the brunette beauty wasn't his one and only.

"Briana and I aren't a match, and my heart sinks," the green-eyed Californian admitted. "F**king broken right now."

And C wasn't the only one who was devastated, as fans flocked to Twitter to share their own sorrow:

Now we have to ask: Did science fail the lovebirds? B and C hit it off immediately, opening up about sensitive topics and forming a genuine bond. But they also didn't give much romantic thought to anyone else in the house, leaving little chance for other connections to blossom. So were their first instincts right, or did they form a relationship too fast and not have as much in common as they thought? And who do you think might be better companions for them?

Take our poll, give us your theories about who their actual matches are and be sure to catch a new episode of “Are You the One?” on Monday at 10/9c!

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