11 Instances Of Creepy Kids Creepily Singing In Movies

Ringgg arounddd the rosieeeee.

The first trailer for "Avengers: Age of Ultron" used the time-tested trope of creepy kids singing to add menace to "I've Got No Strings."

And while this is a great use of the creepy kid singing, it's popped up a bunch of times in movies. Here are just a few other notable instances.

1. "Nightmare on Elm Street"

This is what probably springs to mind first. Bonus points for originality with the song.

2. "The Poltergeist"

Though not technically sung in the movie, the music adds the essential air of childhood fear.

3. "The Dark Knight Rises"

Who knew patriotism could be so chilling?

4. "Insidious: Chapter 3"

This trailer literally debuted while I was writing this list. The trope lives on!

5. "The Ring"

When the movie centers around a creepy kid, she has to sing. That's just horror movie physics.

6. "The Innocents"

This, for my money, is the best/creepiest example. Seek out this movie!

7."Children of the Corn"

This mashes up the tropes of creepy children singing and creepy children drawing.

8. "The Birds"

Leave it to Hitchcock to master creepy singing children.

9. "Joshua"

Written by Dave Matthews. Not joking.

10. "Pet Sematery"

Something about Stephen King mixes so well with the angelic voices of creepy children.

11. "Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted"

Here the animated series has a little fun with the cliche.

Bonus: Creepy Kid Drawing Supercut