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FYI, 24 Karat Gold iPhones And iPads Now Exist

If there's one thing the fashion set knows how to do well, it's luxury. If you can afford it, you can buy tricked out everyday items like jeans that sell upwards of four figures, sporting goods made by Alexander Wang, Chanel, and Hermes, Tevas that you could wear to a gala (and should for the price point). Now, 24 Karat gold iPhones and iPads are about to be added to that list.

Moda Operandi

Today, Moda Operandi—the flash-sale site that often allows you to pre-order items before they hit stores—unleashed possibly the most one-percent accessory ever. They offered up 24K gold iPads with a price tag of $3,065. The craziest part? They're already sold out.


If you didn't get to their site in time—probably because you don't have a life of leisure and are saving the money you'd spend on these blinged-out devices for IDK rent or groceries—another the retailer, Brikk, is selling their own luxury iPhones. The German company specializes in giving tech devices high-fashion (and high-priced) makeovers. In addition to a gold-plated model of the iPhone (starting at $4,995), they also have platinum (starting at $5,395) and rose gold (starting at $4,995). If your pockets are really deep, you can get those with a diamond apple logo, which run upwards of $8,895 or more.

Brikk also has iced-out iPad airs and, if you're not an Apple user, the Galaxy gear watch and the HTC One M8 Android phone.

Call us nostalgic, but this has us longing for the days of flip phones. Maybe Anna Wintour is onto something.