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Beyonce Needs This ***Flawless Outfit

Beyonce already has at least one "Bow Down" jacket in her closet but that didn't stop Ashish from putting his own bedazzled stamp on the style. The UK sparkle king designer—best known for his destroyed sequined jeans favorited by Miley Cyrus and Rita Ora—might have just created Yonce's new uniform with his "Bow Down" capsule collection for VFiles.


When sequins are involved it's hard to throw out the word "casual," but that's exactly how Ashish's "Bow Down" jacket feels in comparison to the work-of-art, heavy-metal biker jacket that Versace created for the Mrs. Carter World Show tour. Beyonce would feel right at home in Ashish's version, considering how much she's showed her love of varsity jackets in the past. Plus, Jay Z is obviously a fan of the style.


TBH, it's difficult to imagine Beyonce lounging around the house. But if she did, she would no doubt do it in something flawless. Enter Ashish's "Bow Down" sweatshirt, which would be the perfect go-to for her while feeding Blue Ivy, surfing YouTube for feminism speeches, writing No. 1 songs, and doing all of the other ~low-key~ things she does in her downtime.


She can pair it with Ashish's destroyed "Bow Down" jeans, which are just about one of the most mesmerizing ways denim could possibly be used. If Beyonce and Nicki's "Flawless" remix ever got a video, these would be a great substitution for the jean shorts Bey wore in the clip for her visual album. On Ashish's end, they're also a killer followup to his beloved sequined jeans.

If you have $3,880 to spare, the entire outfit—fit for Queen Bey—can be yours.