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Is Diggle Done With Team 'Arrow'? David Ramsey Weighs In

'There is a chink in Diggle's armor.'

If you can look past his newly-poor boss and his newly-dead friend Sara Lance, Diggle (David Ramsey) actually has things pretty good on "Arrow" right now -- which, if you know anything about the madcap world of comic book shows, can be a kiss of death. (Just ask poor Bob over on "The Walking Dead.")

So when we heard that Digs was gearing up for a super-special South American rescue mission on tonight's (October 22) episode, "Corto Maltese," we were worried. And according to Ramsey himself, maybe we should be.

"'Corto Maltese' is part of the instrument that’s used to put some of [Diggle's happiness] at risk," he told MTV News over the phone. "I go to Corto Maltese to look for [A.R.G.U.S. agent] Mark Shaw, and there's a relationship that he used to have with Lyla -- still does."

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A relationship with Diggle's ex-wife-turned-girlfriend? Sounds like trouble -- and of course, it gets worse.

"Not only A.R.G.U.S., but potentially my family, is at risk because of the things that Mark Shaw is involved in," Ramsey continued. "So yeah, Diggle seems very happy right now with his family, but that happiness is at great risk in this episode."

Of course Diggle, a crucial and founding member of Team Arrow, will live to see another day. But the main question with "Corto" seems to be, will he live to see another day with Team Arrow? The answer to that question after Oliver (Stephen Amell) confronted Diggle about leaving the team during last week's episode was a resounding "yes," but Ramsey says that Diggle's confidence will soon begin to waver.

"In this season you'll see that there is a chink in Diggle's armor. There is an importance to being a father and being with Lyla," Ramsey explained. "And perhaps being on the team, maybe he needs to be redefined. There are a lot more crime fighters in Starling City now. He’s helped Oliver get to where he needed to get, and he has a family. All of those things combined, I think Diggle will look around and say, 'Okay, I have to be redefined, now. Maybe I have to reassess where I belong and what I should do.'"

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Maybe a short trip over to Central City -- a trip the entire gang will take during the special "Arrow"/"The Flash" crossover event for episode eight -- will be enough to convince Diggle that his hero skills are needed. If not, at least Ramsey says it will be really, really funny.

"You're going to see some funny stuff from Diggle [during the crossover]," Ramsey said. "I know those almost sound like conflicting statements: 'Diggle' and 'funny.' But there's some great things we can do in 'Flash' that we can’t really do in 'Arrow,' because 'Flash' has this lighter, airy, comedic feel to it. When the team in Starling goes to Central City, there's a lighter feel, and nobody gets to explore that comedic side more than Diggle. His response to Barry Allen is going to be hilarious."

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