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Justin Bieber Takes A Bath Selfie With A Soap Beard

Bieber goes all Tony Montana in his sudsy selfie.

Justin Bieber took a bath with his gold chains on. How do we know? He took a naked picture of it!

Justin wore his bracelets and necklace in his bubble bath and added a new accessory: a beard made from soap.

Justin Bieber Shots

Now, Biebs must have a good self-timer setting on his camera, or someone else is snapping that photo. Wonder who that could be?

And if you ask me, Justin is throwing off some major "Scarface" vibes here.

Bizzle also posted a Vine on Wednesday morning (October 22) of him playing hockey in Los Angeles. He claims he's the one with the number #20 making the goal.

Being a hockey player was actually the singer's childhood dream. He was once offered a spot on a Canadian minor league team, and he has a tattoo inspired by the team he used to watch as a kid with his grandpa.