How'd Justin Bieber Go From Hockey Hopeful To Megastar?

Family and friends dish on what Justin was like as a kid.

Even though Sunday's MTV special "Bieber O'Clock" is over, everyone knows it's always time for Justin Bieber.

Before the TV premiere of "Never Say Never," Beliebers got juicy video tidbits every hour on the hour of their favorite superstar. And they got an inside look at what Bieber's life was like before he became one of the most famous singers in the world. Apparently, he never wanted to be a singer in the first place.

"He always wanted to play sports," mom Pattie Mallette said in the exclusive interview. "He always wanted to be a professional hockey player or soccer player."

Although we don't really peg JB as an NHL star, he certainly had enough practice at the ice rink for it. And Gram and Gramps were there to help.

"So we got him into sports," grandmother Diane Dale said. "And grandpa used to take him to hockey and soccer and everything else. He was so hyper, so hyper all the time — had to be doing something. Go go go go go... He always needed lots of attention. He used to go to church and play the drums at 2 years old."

Bieber eventually took that energy to the stage, and even though he never he never had guitar lessons or singing lessons, he started his dive into music at an early age.

"I think he was about 5 years old, 5 or 6, he started drum lessons. I never thought he's grow up and become a singer."

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But as soon as future manager Scooter Braun saw Justin's YouTube videos, he sensed Biebs' bright future right away and tracked down Kidrauhl to be his next big thing.

"When I saw Justin, I just knew he was the kid I'd been looking for, and I knew exactly what he was and what he could become," Braun said.

"We joke that he stalked us," Mallette smiled. "He called my top MySpace friends, my MySpace, back when MySpace was all the rage, wrote me on YouTube, he called the local school board, so he really worked hard at tracking us down. We ended up talking for two hours."

And after talking to Bieber's mom about his morals, he gave them an offer they couldn't refuse.

"If you like me, we'll work together, if you don't, it's a free vacation," Braun had said.

"We thought, well, we don't really have anything to lose," Mallette remembered. "Let's go check it out!"