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One Direction Tease ‘Steal My Girl’ Video, And We Still Have No Idea What It’s About

Liam marches on a train, Zayn chest-bumps Sumo wrestlers and Danny DeVito plays director. What is going on!?

Although One Direction have been teasing their video for "Steal My Girl," nonstop, I still have absolutely no idea what it's about. But I do know one thing: It looks pretty amazing so far.

1D posted two teasers from the video, which appears to feature a cameo from actor Danny DeVito, who plays the director. In the first clip, DeVito is seen telling Liam Payne, "You are power!" Liam's then seen using a sledgehammer to crush balls filled with colored paint; dancing on top of a train in a marching band outfit; and taking a bow after his performance. So confused.

Next up is Zayn Malik, who's instructed by DeVito to be mysterious. With a perplexed look on his face, Zayn dips his hand completely in yellow paint before chest-bumping some Sumo wrestlers. Still so confused.

And still no word on what the rest of the boys will be doing in the video, but we do know that Harry is rocking a fabulous leopard-print jacket, sans man bun.

1D appear to be releasing a teaser per day until the video for the first single off their upcoming album, Four, is released in full on Friday. Hopefully, by then we can piece together exactly what the concept is for this vid.