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Here's The Harry Styles Man Bun Tutorial You've Been Waiting For

From the man himself.

If you're anything like me, you've undoubtedly been kept awake at night recently wondering about Harry Styles' preferred method for sculpting a bun. Does he flip his entire head over and then gather the hair into a bun? Is he a perfectionist about it, or does he let it do its own thing? As a recent addition to The Man Bun Club, how long does the procedure take him? Well, everyone, tonight I will be sleeping soundly because—finally!!—there is video of the bun process, thanks to Tumblr.

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And now, without further ado, a Harry Styles bun tutorial in four steps.


Tumblr/GIF: Jenny Shafei

Hold up a chunk of your hair with your right hand. Then, slowly, add another section from the other side using your left.


Tumblr/GIF: Jenny Shafei

Leave the top half of your hair in your left hand, and then add hair from the bottom using your right. If you look down, gravity will help you achieve a higher bun.


Tumblr/GIF: Jenny Shafei

Switch hands again (!) and hold the entire ponytail tight. Tie the entire thing—twice, this step is important—and, voila, you're done.


Tumblr/GIF: Jenny Shafei

For the final touch, put your in-ears back in and continue performing for 75,000 screaming fans.

For the entire 17-second video (17 seconds, you guys—that's how long it takes him), peep it in full on Tumblr.