The New 'Marcel The Shell' Book Is The Cutest: See Exclusive Pages

Shoes included.

Fans of tiny talking seashells with tiny (non-speaking) shoes on, rejoice! Marcel the Shell, the creation of actress Jenny Slate and husband Dean Fleischer-Camp, is back. The new illustrated book chronicling Marcel's adventures, "Marcel the Shell: The Most Surprised I've Ever Been," hits shelves October 21, and MTV News is pleased to exclusively debut two double-faced pages from the book.

As the title implies, the follow-up to the 2011 bestseller "Marcel the Shell: Things About Me," chronicles the most surprising incident in Marcel's life. When Marcel finds himself flying through the air (no spoilers as to how he got there or where he ends up), one of the things he sees down below is his grandmother's house, complete with French bread and a snapshot of his "handsome & dashing & good" grandfather. D'awww.

Check out the pages and the cover below.

For those of you who have been living under a shell rock, Marcel originated as a bit Slate joked around with while feeling cramped in a hotel room, she told MTV News. Since then, there have been multiple stop-motion short films starring Marcel, as well as the first 2011 children's book centered around the little guy. And that's not all: there are plans for a Marcel movie musical as well.

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"Marcel the Shell: The Most Surprised I've Ever Been" goes on sale October 21 and is co-written by Dean Fleischer-Camp and Jenny Slate.