11 Terrifying Movies You Can Stream On Netflix Right Now

A movie a day gets you straight through to Mischief Night.

With exactly 11 days left until Halloween, there's never been a better time to schedule a daily horror-film screening on your calendar. And with these 11 excellent films currently available on Netflix streaming, you can scream your way to the end of the month with a full gamut of scary fare: from humorous horror to grainy found-footage flicks, from gross-out gore to a nice case of the atmospheric creeps.

1. "Let the Right One In" ("Låt den Rätte Komma In")

What it's about: A lonely, bullied young boy is fascinated by his new neighbor, a tweenage girl who only comes out at night for reasons you can probably guess. An American version of this film was made starring Kodi Smit-McPhee and Chloë Grace Moretz, but the Swedish original is decidedly creepier.

Watch it if: You ever fantasized about having your own personal, supernatural bodyguard to rip the throats out of those who tormented you.

2. "The Bay"

What it's about: A bayside celebration devolves into deadly chaos, with documentary-style footage revealing that the town's waters have been invaded by a mutant parasite.

Watch it if: You hate the ocean and everything in it.

3. "Dead End"

What it's about: A family's Christmas Eve roadtrip turns into an existentialist nightmare, as they become lost on an endless, exit-less back road, where each pit stop results in someone's death.

Watch it if: You're already freaking out about the horrors of holiday travel.

4. "Bad Milo!"

What it's about: Two words: Butt demon.

Watch it if: You live in mortal terror of IBS.


What it's about: After being coerced into a non-consensual one-night stand by a stranger at a party, a young woman wakes up feeling a little bit (ahem) dead inside.

Watch it if: You have a teenager in the house who you want to scare into sexual abstinence.

6. "The Awakening"

What it's about: A famous skeptic in post-war England sets out to debunk an alleged haunting at a boys' boarding school. Bonus: There's an appearance by "Games of Thrones" star Isaac Hempstead-Wright, making his feature film debut.

Watch it if: You love a good, gothic, lugubrious ghost story... or an itty-bitty Bran Stark.

7. "Grave Encounters"

What it's about: A ghost-hunting team filming a TV show becomes trapped inside an asylum, in a found-footage horror flick that's both scariest and less nauseating than "The Blair Witch Project."

Watch it if: You have recurring nightmares of being trapped in a haunted M.C. Escher drawing.

8. "Candyman"

What it's about: An urban ghost story centering on a murderous, mirror-haunting figure known as "the Candyman."

Watch it if: The only thing you like better than a bloody horror flick is a haunting Philip Glass soundtrack to go with it.

9. "Dead Silence"

What it's about: A haunted ventriloquist's dummy terrorizes Ryan Kwanten in this film, which feels like a gorier throwback to the horror fare of Hollywood's golden age.

Watch it if: You already shelled out to see "Annabelle" and need another creepy doll in your life.

10. "Absentia"

What it's about: Seven years after her husband goes missing, a woman and her sister begin to suspect that a pedestrian tunnel near their home (and whatever lives inside it) is responsible for his disappearance. The first horror film from "Oculus" director Mike Flanagan, "Absentia" is similarly well-written and disturbingly layered.

Watch it if: You like to think while you scream.

11. "Ravenous"

What it's about: In 1840s California, a man arrives at a remote Army outpost with a terrifying appetite.

Watch it if: You're still reeling from that final scene on last night's "The Walking Dead."

Do you have a horror favorite currently on Netflix? Share your recs below!