Chris Martin Gave Jennifer Lawrence A Pin So They're Totally Going Steady Now

Did she kiss him and cry? Did he pin the pin on, or was he too shy?

Did Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin just make it 1950s official? Because ooooh, that would be swell.

The scoop, via Yahoo!, is as follows: J-Law touched down at the Los Angeles airport Tuesday, where she hid her face from the paparazzi, but couldn't cover up a telltale sign of "love" attached to her bag. Check out the pic at the link, and you'll see: that little pin on Jennifer's purse is almost definitely one of the same ones Chris Martin has been seen wearing many a time, a token of his involvement in the Love Button Movement.

Which means, in the parlance of our grandparents, that Chris and Jen might've just gotten pinned! Which is, like, two steps away from being engaged! Here's a big pic of the little button, so you can keep your eyes peeled for its presence the next time J-Law steps out in public:


We'll have to wait and see whether the rumored couple follow up this rite of romantic passage with a dance at the sock hop or a date at the malt shoppe, where they may or may not order one milkshake with (ooh la la!) two straws. In the meantime, here is some actual footage from the MTV newsroom as we all discuss this extremely important development in the Martin-Lawrence romance saga.