The 8 Stages Of Confirming Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Martin's Relationship

Keep your eyes peeled for the HMS Martin Lawrence to set sail.

Over the weekend, rumored celebrity paramours Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin reportedly took their relationship to the next step: allowing themselves to be, like, actually seen together in public. According to E!, the two enjoyed dinner with Martin's friends at Chateau Marmont, where hand-holding, back-rubbing, and other couple-y activities were witnessed.

Unfortunately, only Lawrence and Martin can actually confirm the existence of a romance between them -- and neither they nor their reps are talking right now, leaving the rest of us with nothing to do but a) speculate wildly, and b) watch for the traditional signs and signals that celebrity love is in the air. Because while only an official announcement can put this mystery to rest, you might be able to guess that there's something brewing when...

1. They start spilling the beans to the media.

In the absence of a "yes we're dating" statement from their reps, let's all watch Jennifer's upcoming appearances to promote "Mockingjay" to see whether she coyly alludes to Chris in any interviews, i.e. joking that she's been listening to a lot of Coldplay lately.

2. They go on vacation together.

No celebrity romance can be truly said to exist until some paparazzo with a telephoto lens takes pictures of the couple hanging out on a yacht in Ibiza.

3. Chris takes a walk down the red carpet.

It's never too early to hope that we might spot Chris holding Jennifer's purse in the background at the "Mockingjay" premiere.

4. Jennifer snags a VIP Coldplay concert box.

And you'll know something's up when J-Law makes a special front-row appearance at one of Chris's concerts, where he will publicly dedicate a song to her, obviously.

5. The pair use cardboard signs to redirect public attention to worthy charities.

All the hot couples are doing it nowadays.

6. They encourage widespread use of their portmanteau.

Though a few intrepid bloggers have already dubbed the couple "Martin Lawrence," it hasn't caught on quite yet. You'll know their love is the real deal when the actual Martin Lawrence sues for copyright infringement.

7. They exchange extravagant gifts.

Like any couple, celebs in love tend to express their affection by buying each other gifts on the grandest scale they can afford -- which in the case of Chris and Jennifer means that he'll need to give her a house made entirely of pizza before this relationship can be officially confirmed.

8. They collaborate.

The lasting mark of a true power couple? Working together -- as in, we should be keeping our eyes peeled for Jennifer to turn up in one of Coldplay's music videos any day now, showing off her moves.