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Is That Madonna Or Miley Cyrus In This Throwback Photo?

What in the name of time travel?!

Conspiracy theory time: What if Madonna and Miley Cyrus are actually the same person?

Check out the vintage, pre-fame photo from over 30 years ago that the “Turn Up The Radio” singer Instagrammed on Monday (October 13). What in the name of the space-time continuum? From the close-cropped hair to the tongue, I can’t really tell where Madonna ends and Miley begins.

She was just bein' Miley...before Miley was even Miley.

Instagram (@madonna)

“Unconsciously transmitting ideas to the other MC way back when…………,,,..#quantum,” Madonna captioned the pic. And sure, she’s probably just joking around with that “Quantum Leap” reference.

But what if she’s not.

Think about it. The Madge we know and live for might actually be the “Adore You” singer, sent back to the past to save the world from an impending “Terminator”-style robot apocalypse. Or maybe just lesser pop stars.

The Illuminati probably figures into this somehow, too. Maybe even the Reptilians. Who knows how far this thing goes? We’re through the looking glass here, people.

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