Madonna's 'Turn Up The Radio' Video: Superstar Gone Wild

Singer gets into the groove in Italy for her latest video off MDNA.

It's not easy being Madonna, world-renowned superstar, pop icon and music legend. In her new video for her summery feel-good anthem "Turn Up the Radio," Madonna feels the demands of being an A-list celebrity.

To escape the pressure, she decides to pump up the volume with the offbeat locals who shimmy and shake on the streets of Florence, Italy.

Shot through what appears to be an Instagram-type filter, the retro-feeling clip follows a scantily clad Madge as she makes her way out of her hotel, where the flashes of the paparazzi's prying lenses greet her. She looks tired of their attention and all the responsibility of having to be Madonna, all day every day.

Overwhelmed and unhappy, Madonna drives through the streets, followed closely behind by photographers, fans and locals. But it's some other natives that really intrigue the singer. Soon, she makes a request of her driver to go and check out the homebred talent who dance for fun in the streets of the famed Italian city.

She drags one from the colorful crew with her as she embarks on a road trip through the countryside, picking up locals — ranging from hookah-smoking gypsies to hitchhikers and even gas station attendants — all along the way. Look closely and you might notice that one of those hitchhikers is her real-life boy toy, Brahim Zaibat.

While Madonna has been making headlines as of late for flashing other parts of her well-toned body, the only thing Madge flashes in this clip is a big smile as she lets loose in Italia and gets into the groove.

As the video closes out, a tired-out Madonna lies down in the backseat of her vintage convertible. A voiceover leaves the viewer with this message, "La festa finito adesso." Yes, everyone, the party is over — for now.

Madonna shot the video in Italy while on tour, where she has courted her fair share of controversy ranging from lawsuits and flashing body parts. It was directed by her "Give It 2 Me" director, Tom Munro. The sunny clip certainly matches the song's shimmering, fist-pumping vibe. The song is the third single off her 2012 album release, MDNA, and the second release to be produced by her "Give Me All Your Luvin' " producer, Martin Solveig.

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