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11 Reasons We Need A Beyonce And Jay Z Album -- Right Now

Is that too much to ask?

A Beyoncé and Jay Z joint album.

The concept is part rumor, part pipe dream, part long-shot -- and complete necessity.

We've been wanting this dream to become a reality for some time now -- probably since they first collaborated over a decade ago, to be honest -- but now seems like as good (and probable?) a time as any for it to happen.

So here are 11 reasons why we need a Beyoncé and Jay Z album ASAP.

1. To Put Those Divorce Rumors To Rest

Let's just get this one out of the way, since they probably want to get it out of the way, too. Divorce rumors have been following these two for a few months now, and what better way to declare their love publicly than with an album? It'll show that they can play nice together, and there can even be a song that addresses the rumors.

2. Blue Ivy!

A song about Blue Ivy. A song featuring Blue Ivy. A song produced by Blue Ivy. A music video directed by Blue Ivy. A music video starring Blue Ivy. A skit starring Blue Ivy. We'd like all of these, preferably, though that might be a lot to ask. But with an album from Mommy and Daddy, we're bound to get a little more Blue Ivy in our lives in some capacity. And we can all use a little more Blue Ivy.

3. For A Deeper Glimpse Into Their Personal Lives

These two are notoriously (and impressively) private. So, beyond the status of their marriage and the spotlighting of their daughter, a joint album would give them a chance to give us a clearer picture of their personal lives. Since they're probably dying to do that. Whether it's a song about a family vacation or taking Bey's line from "Rocket" -- "Let me sit this ass on you, show you how I feel" -- and getting even more explicit about their sex life, we'll take it.

4. The Guest Spots

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There's no question that Beyoncé and Jay Z could handle an album on their own. But if they brought a few friends along for the party -- not the whole time, but for a track here and there -- the results could be monster collabs that only come around once every few years. Bey had stars like Drake and Frank Ocean on her last project, while Hov enlisted Justin Timberlake and Rick Ross; together, their Rolodex is damn near endless. Sky's the limit.

5. The Roll-Out

Speaking of each of their last albums, do you remember the roll-out? If, somehow, the answer is no, here's a quick refresher: One morning last December, you woke up, and there was a new Beyoncé album and over a dozen music videos to match; in July 2013, thanks to a partnership with Samsung, Jay went platinum before Magna Carta Holy Grail even dropped. What will these two think of next?

6. On The Run Tour, Part 2

Maybe, you're a sucker, like me, and didn't catch the On The Run Tour when it bounced around the country this summer. Or maybe you're just fiending for another chance to see Bey and Jay live and on stage together. Which is also a respectable sentiment. Either way, we'd all win with another tour from the two, which would make perfect sense on the heels of their joint album.

7. An Actual "Run" Movie

You know the trailer. The one that had you thrilled for three minutes that there was going to be a "Run" movie starring Bey and Jay? Only to be devastated by the words "Coming never" at the end? Well, their collab album could provide the soundtrack to their suspense-action-thriller. Which, by the way, would smash the box office. Not that they need it.

8. We Can Get Another VMA Performance Like Beyoncés From This Year -- Only This Time, With Jay, Too

It feels pretty safe to say that Beyonce owned the 2014 VMAs with her 16-minute medley performance of tracks from her self-titled album. If she and Jay dropped an album, maybe we'd get another installment of a powerhouse performance like this -- but with her hubby by her side.

9. Since Jay Is Already A Pro At Doing Collaboration Albums

Jigga is kind of a king of collab albums: He had two platinum-sellers with R. Kelly (Best of Both Worlds and Unfinished Business), a trend-setting genre-bender with Linkin Park (Collision Course) and an opus alongside Kanye West (Watch the Throne). Not that the signs weren't already pointing in this direction, but Jay's collab history sure bodes well for what he and Bey can do together.

10. So We Can Get More Amazing Music Videos

These two have a history of some memorable music videos. Their first, "'03 Bonnie & Clyde" was a fantastic start -- a crime-themed mini-movie that gave us an early taste of their natural chemistry. From there, the sexy and fiery "Crazy in Love" had us believing, and the most recent "Drunk in Love" was dope in its own right. More, please.

11. Major Hip-Hop Releases Have Been Few And Far Between This Year

This has been a relatively quiet year for big-name hip-hop albums. With respect to promising newcomers like Schoolboy Q and YG, consistent vets like Common, and proven entities like Jeezy and Rick Ross, it feels like something's been missing in 2014. Sure, we may have Kanye and Kendrick Lamar albums on the way before the year's out. And Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and T.I. are all due before 2015, in addition to Eminiem's Shady Records compilation...But a Bey and Jay album would make us do a little bit of this...

...and this.