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I'm Confused: Justin Bieber 'Shaved The Monster'?

His words, not mine.

Earlier today, Justin Bieber revealed via Twitter that he "shaved the monster." Because he posted the image via his always-promoted Shots app, the image didn't automatically attach to the tweet, and you had to click through to see what he was referring to. It was, of course, his mustache, but I didn't immediately know that, OK? In the four seconds it took me to decide whether or not I actually wanted to click through—I mean, I was on my work computer, so—a number of potential monsters raced through my brain. Basically my brain looked like this:

Did he mean Pikachu?

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Or maybe the Loch Ness Monster?

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An inside joke with Mother Monster?

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IDK, his Sulley doll that needed a trim?

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Perhaps King Ghidorah?

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A "Monster" single?

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Could it be Cookie Monster?

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Or Big Foot?

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Krumm from Ahh Real Monsters is a possibility, right?

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Oh, or this.