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Watch Justin Bieber Finally Shave His Tiny Mustache

RIP 'Stache

How would you describe your preferred amount of facial hair? Five o'clock shadow? Full lumberjack beard? (I know Kesha is here for that.) What about a patchy, light blonde, dirty ’stache? If you're not into that last one, today is your lucky day. Justin Bieber has removed exactly that from the area just above his face hole.

The Secrets Behind Justin Bieber's Dirty 'Stache In 'Believe'

Yes, friends. The day has finally come. Justin Bieber shaved his itsy-bitsy mustache and the chin stragglers that grew with it, and he posted a video of the process to Instagram to prove it.

Justin Bieber And His Mustache Make New York Fashion Week Front Row Debut

The video stops just short of Biebs swiping the hairs from his upper lip, but rest assured, he posted a photo of the final product so you know it's real.

It's the end of an era, y'all. RIP ’Stache

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