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Sam Smith Channels Beyonce And Whitney In His 'Restart' Video

Living well really is the best revenge.

On his debut album, In The Lonely Hour, Sam Smith spun heartbreak into chart-topping gold. If anyone's got a reason to celebrate, it's probably him, so can you blame him for doing exactly that on "Restart"?

The uptempo, "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"-esque follow-up to "I'm Not The Only One" sees the 22-year-old singer not only coming to terms with an unrequited love from his past, but, um, pretty much dancing on its grave.

"The truth is I'm better on my own, and I don't wanna live in the past," Sam sings, later concluding that "you're the one who looks like a fool." Way harsh, Tai.

The Michael Holyk-directed clip follows that celebratory vibe, showing us what life on the road with Sam Smith is really like. Think lots of laughs, lots of pints and luh-huh-huh-lots of sing-alongs of Beyoncé's "***Flawless," and you've got the general idea.

Oh yeah, there's also this one particularly terrifying umbrella. Sidenote: I relate to this screengrab so hard, you guys.

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