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Beyonce And Nicki Minaj Finally Performed Live Together And It Was 'Flawless': Watch

Once again ... FINALLY.

If there's anything else Beyoncé could've possibly done to make her already-perfect performance at the 2014 VMAs any better -- it would've been a Nicki Minaj appearance during "Flawless." We get it though, it wasn't the right time. The right time came in Paris instead.

During the European leg of her On the Run Tour with Jay Z, Bey brought out Nicki to spit her verse on the "Flawless (remix)." Naturally, this instantly became a trending topic worldwide, because two Queens on a stage would make anyone's head spin.

Lucky fans who witnessed it live shared videos on Instagram. It's not the best view, but we'll keep updating with better videos. And maybe this will show up in the "On the Run Tour" special, which debuts on HBO September 20.

Here's a full fan-shot clip of the entire song: