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50 Cent Is Still Trolling Floyd Mayweather, Read His Love Letter To Tiny

Fif just won't let up.

(Is 50 Cent the 'Ultimate Troll?' Hear his response in the video above)

50 Cent just won't let up on Floyd Mayweather. On Tuesday, the G-Unit juggernaut dialed back on the disses which poked fun at the boxing great's literacy, but on Wednesday (August 27) Fif went back on the offensive when he posted a poorly-written love letter from Floyd to T.I.'s wife Tiny on Instagram.

Of course the letter wasn't real; in it 50 purposely misspelled words turning "love" to "lub" and "sincerely" to "senseerly." The note pokes fun at the rumored affair between Mayweather and Tiny, a rumor that both have denied.

"If you want to fight I'll be in Vegas next week," 50 captioned the photo.

"Champ could read, he could read," Fif told New York's Power 105 radio host Angie Martinez during an interview on Tuesday. "I don't want to hurt him Ang, but he does things that agitates me. He does things to aggravate me a little bit. I look at him like he my little brother too, like my younger brother but he'll pick at me like, You ain't bigger than me."

Fif started going at Mayweather, charging that the undefeated, future boxing hall of famer had literacy issues. According to the rapper, the drama all started after Mayweather said 50 was irrelevant in a recent interview.

"I know so much that you should never play with me, he knows better Ang. There's so many things that I can do to him, [things I could] just talk about that people will look at him completely different after that," 50 said.

The one thing 50 says he won't ever do is challenge is Mayweather's greatness in the ring. "He's one of the best fighters in our actual time," he said. "I never try to discredit what he's worked for."

On Tuesday, a representative for Mayweather sent MTV News a video of Mayweather reading a script for CBS, and defended that claims that the boxer can't read are not true.