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Lena Dunham's New Blonde Hair Makes Its Red Carpet Debut At The Emmys

One week ago, Lena Dunham debuted her epic new platinum blonde bob, and tonight, that hair—hair that is definitely not a wig, she reiterated to Ross Mathews on the red carpet—hit the Emmys. But let's be honest with one another: You're not really looking at your hair, are you?

She wasn't lying. It looks like cake. Very, very pretty cake designed by Giambattista Valli! But cake nonetheless. Good thing cake is awesomeeeee.

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There's no question that her best accessory was probably her boyfriend, Jack Antonoff, aka the guitarist of Fun., frontman of Bleachers, and brother of our VMA Red Carpet Report host, Rachel. But her second best accessory was definitely that ’do, a shiny gorgeous platinum thing that *maybe* looked so good because she spent her day "enjoying some huevos rancheros and allowing [her] hair to marinate in its own natural oils."

Shidokht Shafei

Now we know the secret to real red carpet success. Huevos rancheros. Graphic eyeliner doesn't hurt, either.