The Weirdest Employee Conduct Policies At Major Companies

Every workplace has a few rules for workers -- but some corporate demands and suggestions are crazier than others. "Naked Fridays," anyone?

No matter where you get a job, you’ll be expected to act in a certain way. Maybe you’ll have to wear a uniform (sorry, fast food employees), or have to use certain words with customers (looking at you, telemarketers). That’s to be expected. Some companies, though, have way more intense rules. Here are the oddest guidelines that employees are reportedly mandated or “encouraged” to follow…

American Apparel: Executives judge your photo

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That’s former American Apparel CEO Dov Charney (who’s still a high-level consultant), an extremely controversial guy for myriad reasons, including several sexual harassment lawsuits. Leaked documents indicate that all job applicants must have “head to toe” pictures taken, and a former store manager alleges that “anyone [Charney personally] deems not good-looking enough to work there is encouraged to be fired. … Dov wants to weed out the ‘ugly people.'”

This policy allegedly stays in place after you’re hired as well. The company claims that it’s just making sure employees don’t look “off-brand.”

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Abercrombie & Fitch: No “unnatural” haircuts
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According to a “look policy” that Buzzfeed obtained, Abercrombie mandates specific “acceptable” hairstyles for employees — and just as many that are “unacceptable” for appearing “extreme.” The same appears to go for makeup, nail polish and even nail length, which is limited to “1/4 inch beyond the tip of the finger.”

Weirdest of all, a former employee claims that at stores without fragrance vents, workers (referred to as “models”) must “spray every product and surface…throughout the day” with A&F’s signature scent.

New York Yankees: No facial hair

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