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Celebrities Have Brought Some Super Weird Things To The VMAs

Live snakes, stuffed animals, and pure, unadulterated Bruce Willis.

As a wise prophet once said, "You're never fully dressed without a smile." Wait, that wasn't a prophet. Those were the orphans from "Annie," and they were wrong as f--k when it comes to the VMAs.

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To stand out at MTV's annual music awards show, you've gotta bring more to the table than just ridiculously expensive designer fashions. We're talking raw meat, live snakes, or even an easily corruptible foam finger. Below are some of the weirdest things people have brought to the VMAs before, so you 2014 MTV Video Music Awards attendees better take note.

Nicki Minaj brought this, like, menagerie of sewn-together stuffed animals in 2011.

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BRB, calling my parents to make sure they didn't chuck my Beanie Baby collection so I can D.I.Y. this thing.

Remember Lady Gaga's 2009 VMA date? It was Kermit the Frog from "The Muppets."

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Miss Piggy when Kermit got home that night.

Justin Bieber opted for a live animal in 2011. Meet Johnson the snake, though his friends call him Phallic Reference Q. Slithersworth.

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On a different note, shout-out to stars like Rita Ora for their firm commitment to eatin' good at the VMAs.

The "Black Widow" singer packed hot sauce into her 2013 clutch.

Oh yeah, and a miniature blowtorch.

Maybe she used it to heat up Iggy Azalea's chicken wings? This might be the most delicious photobomb of all time.

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Speaking of Iggy's admirable commitment to Sparkle Motion chowing down, she inexplicably had red velvet cake that night, too.

Instagram (@adamlambert)

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But also LOL at Harry Styles bringing an orange into the 2013 VMAs.

What, did he just come from a rec soccer snack break #curated by one of the health-conscious moms?

The One Direction member totally just, like, left those rinds under his chair while he posed for pics with Rihanna.

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Despite being vegetarian, I'm pretty much down for the family-of-four steak dinner Lady Gaga wore back in 2010.

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Same with the monster truck Tokio Hotel rolled in on in 2008.

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And Pharrell's bike crew from 2013.

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Bless you, T-Pain, and the elephant you rode in on in '08.

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But the winner of this "Weirdest Things Brought To The VMAs" contest is...

...Diddy, for the yacht/Bruce Willis hat trick he pulled in 2004.

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Honorable mention to Miley Cyrus' foam finger last year. You probably don't remember, but it was pretty cool.

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