‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Finale: Benzino Is ATL's New 'Gossip Girl' And The Return Of Stevie J And Mimi

Could Mimi and Stevie get back together?

All’s well that ends well.

Or not.

The season finale of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” was supposed to be all about tying a nice little bow on all of the castmembers’ fights, drama, rumors and love triangles, but from the looks of it, it may have just been one hell of an alley-oop for the reunion show.

Benzino landed somewhere between petty private investigator and Gossip Girl with his not-so-covert probe into Joseline Hernandez’s alleged promiscuity.

"I posted about all these men that I'm positive that Joseline slept with," Zino said of his back and forth with Joseline on Instagram.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

During Rasheeda’s pop and launch for Pois, Zino did recon on the Puerto Rican Princess under the guise of trying to warn his best friend Stevie J that his wife was stepping out on their marriage behind his back, but it just came off as messier than a soup sandwich. Grown men were huddled up like schoolgirls gossiping about a woman.

According to Stevie and Joseline’s former producer/friend Fly Dantoni, not only did she sleep with her former driver Rich, she did so for three months.

Karlie Redd, of course, overheard her ex 'Zino’s plot and couldn’t wait to send Joseline a “code red” text to spill the beans.

Stevie J tried to tell Joseline the truth about his tryst with Althea, but she was too busy busting his balls over the rumors Benzino was floating around about her.

“It doesn’t matter where the info comes from, what matters is it true or not,” Stevie said in a confessional.

Things fell all the way apart between the two, with Joseline crying crocodile tears because Steebie hurt her soul by accusing her of sleeping with a “minimum wage driver.”

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“I over you,” Joseline told Stevie.

“You’ll never be over me,” he retorted, before getting his wedding ring back.

Speaking of breakups, Mimi Faust finally confronted Nikko about his sleazy sex tape plot and other lies he told along the way. It was probably meant to be serendipitous, but the confrontation took place at the studio where Nikko was laying down a track called, you guessed it, “Shower Rod.”

Tammy entered the “masturbation room” at the fertility clinic to help Waka Flocka Flame produce the necessary sample for testing, but the results were nothing to laugh at. Because of Waka’s previous injury, his sperm count is 10,000 per milliliter where it should be around 20 million. Waka wants to have babies with his new bride, but that may prove difficult now. The silver lining was that the doctor had some options for the couple to consider.

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While Lil Scrappy was in the studio listening to Momma Dee sing, the rest of the cast wrapped up their season with an anecdotal epiphany: Karlie learned from her fallout with Yung Joc to never mix business with pleasure. Joseline planned to focus on her career, while Rasheeda and Kirk Frost recognized that they were in a good place after all of their crazy ups and downs. (Guess that apology party really worked, huh?)

Expectant parents Kalenna and Tony brought their pre-teen son Meshach to their new home and even hinted that her husband’s other eight kids might be welcomed soon also.

The biggest surprise, though, was the cliffhanging encounter between Stevie and Mimi.

“I’m here, I put that on my daughter, I’m here for you,” Stevie told Mimi after apologizing for transgressions against her and assuring her that the universe would handle Nikko.

Mimi then looked at her daughter’s father like he was a steak dinner.

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Could she actually be thinking about getting back with Stevie? Viewers might cringe at the thought of it, but it wouldn’t be the craziest thing she’s done by a long shot.