‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Recap: Kalenna And Tony's Baby Will Make 10

Rasheeda calls expectant mom Kalenna 'Stepmom of the Year' after Monday night's revelation.

True tragedy is a tough centerpiece for reality television, but on this week’s “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” castmembers sidestepping the sex tape drama in favor of offering Mimi support after the death of her father.

Unfortunately, that didn’t include Stevie J, who upheld his “Sleazy” nickname by kicking his ex while she was down, texting her “karma is a bitch.”

“Did he have a heart attack after seeing the tape?” Stevie asked Ariane, before becoming the kettle that called the other kettle black. “She’s with a scumbag. She needs to get back with herself.”

Despite her meddling ways, Ariane met with Stevie to implore him to be more supportive of her friend, who she feared was headed for a breakdown.

Meanwhile, Karlie Redd and Yung Joc were back in the studio together laying down their new track “Heartbreakers.” Karlie thought her man was still sleeping with “Miss Piggy,” but Joc denied it. “I am no longer cheating on you,” he said, enunciating each word as if that somehow made it more convincing.

Stevie went to confront Benzino about putting Mimi on the cover of Hip Hop Weekly because his wife Joseline Hernandez wasn’t “sleeping on the couch mad,” she was “get the f--k out mad.”

“Are you Thor or Mighty Mouse?” Benzino responded.

Stevie then threw out the only olive branch his wife would respond to: a nice music video for his baby. “I know Stevie’s being extra nice cause he wants my kitty cat back,” she said.

Rasheeda escorted Kalenna to the doctor’s office, where they learned that her pregnancy, despite apparent causes for alarm, was in fact proceeding normally.

A very disturbing thing discovered during Rasheeda and Kalenna’s exchange: Tony has nine children, none of whom live with the couple. (Kalenna's 7-year-old son with Tony stays with relatives.)

“I didn’t know you was, like, Stepmom of the Year,” Rasheeda said.

Deb Antney met with son Waka Flocka Flame to convey her disappointment about Waka and Tammy’s elopement because she felt like she was losing another son.

“Guess what, I’m a mama’s boy, I'm never, ever goin’ nowhere,” Waka reassured her.

Driven by the production of her new dress line, Class Six, Erica decided to check out the competition by taking in a local fashion show and she took lovelorn Karlie with her. After Erica and Lil Scrappy engaged in a little flirtatious repartee, the ladies spotted Joc -- who was supposed to be out of town.

Joc, of course, was with his sidepiece "Miss Piggy," which didn’t sit well with Karlie. The ladies walked up to confront Joc and his date and then Mona Scott and Co. hit viewers with a “to be continued.”

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. on VH1.