The 'Teen Wolf' Benefactor Has Been Identified -- So What's The Motive?

You probably didn't see this one coming...

So, let's review the powers that are unique to "Teen Wolf" banshees: blood-curdling screams, the ability to foresee death and, now, the power to come back from the dead to create hit lists.

Yes, it looks like Beacon Hills' feared Benefactor is none other than the seemingly timid Meredith. How 'bout them apples!

On tonight's episode, Lydia, who recently discovered a bit of scrambled code left to her by her late grandmother, finally uncovered its elusive cypher key with Stiles' help. Once she plugged in "Ariel," the code condensed into a list of 10 people around town who had recently killed themselves at Eichen House -- Lydia's grandmother Lorraine, among them -- and so the duo traveled to the mental health facility for more information.

Against their better judgment, Lydia and Stiles bribed Brunski -- who'd proven to be a slimy Eichen employee -- to give them access to the space's files. As usual, though, he had a hidden agenda, and after only a few minutes, he knocked Lydia and Stiles out, tied them up and left them screaming for help.

Trapped, and with time to think, the two connected the dots and realized that the new list's entries hadn't killed themselves -- they'd been murdered by Brunski. And when the man re-entered the room with a menacing look in his eyes, it seemed as though the friends might soon become addenda. When Brunski looked ready to strike, though, Deputy Parrish burst into the room, sent a bullet through Brunski's chest and saved the day.

"He killed my grandmother!" Lydia told the officer as she freed herself. "He was controlling Meredith, and he killed her when she tried to help us!" Evidently, though, Lydia had spoken too soon.

Meredith, who was presumed to be dead, suddenly joined the group and corrected their error. "[Brunski] wasn't on my list," she said chillingly. "But he was a bad person."


So, Meredith is The Benefactor?! But...but...why? How?

Until now, Meredith has only ventured to help Lydia get to the bottom of The Benefactor's identity, so why is it actually she who's trying to kill Beacon Hills' supernatural creatures? What could her motive possibly be, and is she working alone? Share your theories below!