Capitol Records, LLC

Jennifer Lopez Reveals Some Booty-Ful New Single Art

Needless to say, it's everything.

Earlier today, Jennifer Lopez revealed the cover art for her third A.K.A. single, "Booty" featuring Pitbull, and it is pretty damn booty-ful. So damn booty-ful, in fact, that you'll probably forgive me for going all low-hanging-fruit with that "booty-ful" wordplay.

Peak J.Lo, tbh.

Capitol Records, LLC

Posting the image on Instagram, J.Lo tagged a bunch of the people who helped make this track happen like Mr. Worldwide and photographers Steven Gomillion and Dennis Leupold. (You might remember them for their brilliant work on Rihanna's Instagram last year. #RIP)

She also tagged song co-writers Diplo and Chris Brown, who -- wait, Chris Brown co-wrote "Booty"? Hmmmm, checks out.

What will J.Lo's "Booty" video look like? Hopefully this album teaser times a million.