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Jessie Ware Can't Stop Raving About How Incredible Ed Sheeran Is

Jessie said he elevated the way she sings. Girl, how could it get any better?

Jessie Ware's sophomore album Tough Love was already on our radar as a must-hear record, and that was before we even knew she was collaborating with Ed Sheeran on it!

For the new album, she's been working with collaborators like Miguel, Benny Blanco and plenty more, but it's Ed that she can't stop raving about. And no wonder she loves him! Have you heard the scathing breakup jam "Don't" or the rest of his new album X? It's incredible! And apparently, so is being in the studio with him.

"It was such a pleasure to work with him because he is ridiculously talented," Ware told the Daily Star in a recent interview. "I feel lucky that I got a glimpse of him in the flesh writing a song."

Apparently, Ed helped Jessie wrote a song for the new album, but he also pushed her in the way she performed while recording it.

"We wrote a song together and he’s playing guitar on it," she said. "The way Ed writes and his work ethic is incredible. I have to give him so much credit for being able to write something that’s so right for me and elevates the way I sing – he really pushed me hard."

While Ware has been working with artists like Sheeran on her new album, she's also had some big changes in her personal life recently. The singer recently married her long-time boyfriend Sam who prefers to shun the spotlight.

"I’ve been too distracted with getting married to be too stressed out about my new album," Ware said. "A couple [of the songs] are for him but as per usual I created a song which is not his favorite song on the album about him."

Guess we'll have to wait until October 6 when the album drops to see if we can figure out which one she's talking about. And though she's nervous about her own record, Ware is confident that Ed Sheeeran will be around for a long, long time.

"I have nothing but love and admiration. He’s prolific and will be around for ever." We couldn't agree more. To get a taste of what Jessie's been up to, listen to the album's lead single of the same name, "Tough Love" below.