'Teen Wolf' Poll: Can Kate Trust Peter To Train Her?

Sure, he once tried to kill her -- but he may hold the key to controlling her werejaguar power.

In "Kill Bill 2," after mowing down a list of assassins who'd wronged her, Uma Thurman's "The Bride" finally took down the big boss Bill, who'd tried to kill her on her wedding day. Kate Argent was similarly left for dead when Peter Hale tore through her throat during Season 1 of "Teen Wolf," but she, unlike the yellow-jumpsuited warrior, might not have the luxury of exacting her revenge.

On Monday night's episode, Kate, who mutated into a werejaguar upon Peter's scratch, continued to struggle with her transformation, and her uncontrollable aggression drove her to kill a potentially valuable link to The Benefactor. Formerly a proud werewolf-hunter, Kate was reduced to hiding out in sewers while she figured out how to get herself under control and back in the good graces of her brother Chris.

In spite of her efforts to quell her bloodlust, though, nothing seemed to work, and when the Hale family's triskelion proved to be nothing more than an ornament, Kate became hopeless. That is, until Peter Hale found her and offered his help in exchange for the return of his family's fortune.

Kate, who was nothing more than a scratching post for Peter the last time she saw him, rightfully had some reservations, but Peter, Beacon Hills' used car salesman, is a veteran of playing hardball.

"You can't go back unless you can exhibit absolute and total control," he argued. "I can offer control. I can teach you."

Now, Kate has a choice to make -- if she accepts Peter's help, she might silence the demons inside. But being indebted to Peter isn't in anyone's best interest and could prove to be more trouble than it's worth. And if she denies his proposition, she might spare herself the hassle of dealing with the shifty werewolf but will be stuck suffering through her murderous rage, as Peter might be the only one who can help. What should she do?

Cast your vote and catch a new episode of "Teen Wolf" on Monday at 10/9c!

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