The Hale Bonds Are Gone -- Who Took The Cookies From The 'Teen Wolf' Cookie Jar?

Kate Argent tried to snatch the family's triskelion, but something far more valuable was taken.

Considering all the dead Peter Hale has left in his wake, it's safe to say he's got a bit of karmic debt to pay. And on tonight's episode of "Teen Wolf," the transaction began -- to the tune of $117 million in bearer bonds.

Scott and Malia, who wanted to get to the bottom of Kate Argent's new supernatural ability, paid Peter a visit. And once the duo helped Peter realize it was his scratch that had changed Kate into a werejaguar, he knew what she was after: the Hale family's triskelion. Years earlier, Peter used the object to help Derek focus his powers during full moons, and Kate, who'd been struggling with her own transformation, was ready to claim it as her own.

By Benjamin Buttoning Derek and turning back his memory's clock to a point at which he'd trusted Kate (like...before she killed his whole family), Kate convinced Derek's teenage equivalent to grant her access to the Hale family vault. The more naive Derek eventually obliged and handed over the triskelion, but Peter soon showed up and dashed Kate's hopes by explaining that the object was simply a symbol, and didn't, itself, hold any power.

A furious Kate looked ready to kill Peter, but just as she bore her sharpened teeth, an unknown being tossed a few cans of blinding gas down the stairs and into the vault, paralyzing Peter. While he struggled to remain conscious on the floor, it made away with his family's fortune.

"This was a heist," Peter told Lydia and Stiles, who found him minutes later. "Somebody planned this."

So...who was it? Share your theories in the comments below!