'Teen Mom 2''s Jenelle And Nathan Have Separation Anxiety Before He Heads To Jail

The couple was faced with a relationship first: being apart for an entire month.

Jenelle and Nathan began preparing for their biggest relationship hurdle yet on "Teen Mom 2": a month-long separation when the young dad heads to prison.

On the show's season premiere, Nathan was advised by his lawyers to accept a plea deal in order to dismiss a felony charge against him. The sentence for pleading guilty to a misdemeanor and other minor ordinances: 30 days behind bars.

On tonight's episode, the stress of being away from each other began to weigh on the couple. As they tried to make the most of the few days they had left together, Jenelle expressed sadness about how lonely she'll be without her boyfriend.

"Every time I wake up, you won't be there," she told Nathan. "I just don't want you to leave."

But later in the day, her melancholy turned to anger.

"I want to be left the f**k alone," she yelled from behind the bathroom door. "I'm upset that you're f**king leaving."

Eventually, Nathan was able to comfort his sobbing girlfriend. But when the big day arrived, he struggled with his own fears.

"I try not to think about it a lot because the more I think about it, the more I get anxiety -- like you do," he told Jenelle as they drove to court. And when his lawyers said he would be taken into custody immediately after his appearance, Nathan asked if he could do probation instead of serving time. But there was no alternative to the plea deal, and the couple made their way inside and said goodbye.

Nathan and Jenelle are facing a challenging roadblock, but they're meeting it by trying to be strong for one another, talking through their anxieties and relying on each other to make it through the tough times.

Have you ever been separated from a loved one, and if so, how did you cope with the time apart? Sound off in the comments.