Jenelle Evans

Jenelle’s struggle with addiction has taken a toll on her, and when we come back to her this season she has a drug case pending, a new husband in jail, who she is no longer with, and is about to make the decision to have an abortion.

Even though her past haunts her, she wants to make a clean break and try to stay sober for Jace. While her case is pending she meets ex Marine Nathan and they quickly fall for each other and move in to their own place. While Jenelle is spending more time with her family and Jace she decides she’s ready to try for a new baby with Nathan. When she goes to court to face her charges she fails an impromptu drug test and has to spend the night in jail, through ultimately gets all her serious charges dropped and reduced to probation.

Though her relationship with her mother and parenting Jace has its difficulties we see Jenelle as healthy, happy and responsible as she’s ever been- but end the season on the big news that she’s pregnant again with Nathan’s child.