Note To John Legend: Another Dude Is Trying To Boink Your Wife

In a super-racy sneak peek of 'Wild 'N Out,' comic Karlous Miller puts the moves on Chrissy Teigen.

Karlous Miller may just be a dead man walking -- if John Legend tunes in to tomorrow night's "Wild 'N Out."

In the sneak peek of Chrissy Teigen's guest spot, below, Karlous takes a hold of the mic to diss Legend's better half in the wildstyle, but immediately becomes distracted by the supermodel's bikini bod.

"Before this show, I didn't even know your f***ing name, but shout-out to your camel toe -- that b*** is off the chain!" he says.

Calling out a woman's nether regions is never okay, but Karlous goes a few steps further, trying to pick Chrissy up (figuratively and literally). Here's hoping John has a good sense of humor!

Watch the clip to find out what else Karlous says to Chrissy -- it gets racy -- and don't miss the full "Wild 'N Out" episode tomorrow night at 11/10c on MTV2!