Rich Homie Quan Finally Landed That Drake Feature -- Just Like He Promised Us

Pretty sure MTV News had something to do with this.

(Drake praising 'Type of Way')

We don't want to take credit for this upcoming collaboration or anything -- we'll just point out that we might've helped to facilitate it. Let's rewind for a minute.

Last year, MTV News caught up with Drake backstage after his OVO Fest concert, at which point he revealed that he really loved Rich Homie Quan's hit single "Type of Way." So why not hop on the remix, we asked? Apparently Drizzy thought it was too late.

"That record is the song of the summer, I regret not getting on it, but I feel like now if I get on it, people are gonna be like ‘ah man you waited too long," he told MTV News at the time.

Then, we asked Rich Homie Quan for his thoughts on this possible collaboration and he promised to get a feature, no matter what. “I met Drake for the first time at Birthday Bash, and he embraced me with one of those real hugs, then he told me, 'Whatever you’re doing, man, keep doing it. I came here early just to see ‘Type of Way,’'” Rich Homie told us last year. “And I’ve always been a big fan of Drake, that’s one of my major influences.”

Obviously, the "Type of Way" remix didn't happen -- but good things come in time, right? This week, the Atlanta rapper confirmed to HHS87 that he finally landed the big feature. "I told you Drake's one of my favorite artists," he said. "It came true, man. Drake will be on my album."

So, Rich Homie, are you gonna give us some credit for getting this conversation started or what?