Drake 'Type Of Way' Remix? Rich Homie Quan Says 'Not Too Late'

After Drizzy told MTV News he regrets not getting on the track, Rich Homie Quan says he's definitely reaching out.

Though Rich Homie Quan's "Type of Way" was released over a year ago, the track has still been getting such heavy rotation that even Drake recently crowned it "the song of the summer." The Toronto rapper admitted that he regrets missing his chance to contribute a verse to the track, but since the official remix hasn't dropped yet, Rich Homie Quan is now out to land that Drizzy verse.

"That record is the song of the summer, I regret not getting on it, but I feel like now if I get on it, people are gonna be like 'ah man you waited too long,'" Drake told MTV News earlier this month.

But in this case, better late than never applies. Rich Homie Quan calls Drake's reaction to the track "crazy" and tells MTV News that he's most definitely going to reach out for that verse.

"I met Drake for the first time at Birthday Bash, and he embraced me with one of those real hugs, then he told me "whatever you're doing, man, keep doing it. I came here early just to see 'Type of Way,'" the Atlanta rapper relayed. "And I've always been a big fan of Drake, that's one of my major influences."

He added that it's definitely not too late to get him involved. "We still haven't released the official remix, so it's not too late for Drake," he continued. "I'm gonna reach out to him and try to make this happen. I was just really surprised he even noticed the song and I'm just glad it's [to his liking.]"

And since the song has become such an anthem, you'd better expect that Drake would be joined by an all-star cast on the remix. "I'd get other people on it also, because the song definitely went to another level and right now I'm feeling a different type of way about a lot of things," Quan added laughing.

"We've been trying to keep [the features] a secret because when it hits it's gonna hit hard. It's partially done but I'm gonna reach out to Drake and see if we can make some magic, [because] I've always been a fan of his."

Currently, the 23-year-old Atlanta native is working on his still-untitled debut album. "It's about 40 percent done and I've been working with [people like] Dallas Austin, Wale, Meek Mill, Jeezy and French Montana," he said. "On this album you can hear the growth in my music. I wanna show people I really can rap. I'm taking it seriously and I want to show everybody how much I've grown in this little time period."