Hilary Duff Celebrates Her New Single With Son, Surf And Skywriting

As you do.

Hilary Duff's "Chasing the Sun" will be released in just two short days – we predict it'll be the song of the summer, and deservedly so: this marks Duff's first musical output in six years.

She's understandably excited about it – so much so, that she graduated from last week's ecstatic bed-jumping to some seriously adorable beach-galavanting with her son Luca yesterday.

Duff first teased a fun (and surprisingly literal) "Chasing the Sun" promotion via her Instagram page. Her caption read, "HEY! Surprise airplanes flying over these beaches today!! Take pics and send them to me using #hilaryduff #chasingthesun"

The she collaged the skywriting with a hearty, "Omg omg omg!! #chasingthesun planes!!!!"

Her happiness (and the song's catchy hook) was clearly infectious – Luca got in on the action, doing a charming little dance while mom yelled, "Get it!" from behind the camera. Chasing the son, much?

To cap off the beach celebration, Duff posed in frame (we'd love to know where she got that super cute floral kaftan cover-up, btw) with one of the planes, which appears to be exiting the coastline on its way towards the sun, presumably.

"Chasing the Sun" debuts this Tuesday, July 29 – the single is available for pre-order on iTunes.