Hilary Duff's So Excited About Her New Single She's Literally Jumping On The Bed

This 'Chasing The Sun' teaser video is the cutest.

By all that is holy and possibly butterfly-clipped, Hilary Duff's musical comeback has been confirmed! The track, her first single since 2008's "Reach Out," is titled "Chasing The Sun," and it is expected to drop on July 29 according to its iTunes pre-order page.

Here's the single artwork BTW.

RCA Records

After drive-by tweeting the news to her nearly 4.5-million followers last night, the 26-year-old singer and actress was immediately bombarded with a ton of fan love. "Still laying in bed reading your tweets," she wrote not long after the single announcement. "Feeling loved and blessed want to make you babes proud." Who put all these tears in my eyes? You guys.

By the time she woke up, Hilary was beyond ecstatic -- as in, "literally jumping on the bed"-levels of ecstatic. She captured the insanity for posterity's Instagram's sake and captioned the clip: "how I started my morning...."

And yes, that's "Chasing The Sun" playing in the background.

Back in May, Hilary told MTV what to expect from her new album.

I've got two words for you: