‘Game Of Thrones’ Brings Winter And Casting Announcements To Comic-Con

From Deep Space Nine to Westeros!

Basically everyone you know and love from “Game of Thrones,” dead or alive, was on hand at the show’s San Diego Comic-Con panel — but there’s plenty of new people to get to know as well.

At the panel, HBO played a reel that revealed several of the new major cast members joining “Game of Thrones” for season five. The new cast includes Alexander Siddig as Doran Martell, the Prince of Dorne, and brother of the late Oberyn “Red Viper” Martell; Toby Sebastian as Trystane Martell, Prince Doran’s son and Princess Myrcella’s betrothed; Nell Tiger Free, as the new actress playing Myrcella Baratheon; DeObia Oparei as Areo Hotah, Doran’s personal bodyguard; and Jonathan Pryce as the High Sparrow, a deeply religious man who becomes an important player in King’s Landing this season.

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