5SOS Give Us A Case Of 'Amnesia': Watch Their 'Live From MTV' Performance

The band performs an acoustic version of 'Amnesia' during 'Live From MTV' and makes all hearts melt.

Let's hope we never get a case of "Amnesia" because we want to remember this 5 Seconds of Summer performance forever.

On Monday (July 21), the band took over MTV during "Live From MTV," where they not only showed us what it's like to see them in their underwear and stuff their face with Chinese food, but they slowed things down with an acoustic version of "Amnesia."

The 2014 Video Music Awards performers kicked off the show with the heartbreaking ballad about wanting to forget about a girl who has left them.

Watch the performance now, and if you want the foursome to win the VMA for Artist To Watch for their video "She Looks So Perfect," make sure you vote now and tune into MTV on August 24 at 9 p.m. ET/PT to see if they take home their very first moonman.

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