Chewbacca And A Storm Trooper Announce An Arizona Diamondbacks Game

In the spirit of "Star Wars Day," even the Fox commentators dress up in costume.

The Arizona Diamondbacks decreed that July 20 shall be their "Star Wars Day." We can't find an official reason why, but assume they're trying to capitalize on the excitement around this weekend's San Diego Comic Con. Certainly an odd move, but a fun one nonetheless.

Predictably plenty of young "Star Wars" fans showed up, but the real treat was seeing Fox announcers Steve Berthiaume and Bob Brenly dress as a Storm Trooper and Chewbacca. Interesting selections because: 1) Chewie and a foot soldier from the dark side of the Force would never hang out; 2) One character doesn't speak English and the other speaks in a monotone, nearly robotic voice; 3) They're in f--king Arizona in the summer! It's over 100 degrees!

Before the game, Fox aired clips of D-backs pitcher Josh Collmenter touring Phoenix’s Comic Con dressed as a Jedi. Collementer definitely made the better costume choice for lightsaber and "not-overheating" reasons.