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This Is How Chris Brown And Drake Made Up After Their Big Fight

And now they're working on a 'project' together.

We got our first piece of evidence that Chris Brown and Drake had patched things up when a photo of them together in the studio surfaced, and again when Breezy appeared in the Toronto rapper's ESPYs skit. Apparently a few mutual friends had them sit down and finally talk out their differences.

Producer Mally Mall told TMZ that he and a few others convinced Drake and Brown to hash things out in the studio.

“They were in Vegas, and that’s when we squashed the beef and stuff. I initiated it,” Mall said.

When asked if Rihanna's name ever came up during the conversation, he said, “Nah, I think everybody gets the picture now. You act like a jumpoff, you get treated like one." Hmmm.

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He also added that they were both able to leave the past behind them, and since “it’s all love" now, they're actually working on a project together -- but he wouldn't spill the details.

Now that these two have made amends, we're impatiently waiting to hear whatever they're working on. A remix to "Loyal" featuring Drake would probably make the Internet implode -- but whatever it is must sound great, because Drizzy looked completely mesmerized in the photo.