'Virgin Territory' Where Are They Now: Does Lisa Still Have The Same Views About Sex?

The newlywed reveals how her life has changed since she swiped her V-card on her wedding night.

Lisa made a vow to save herself for marriage, and on the series premiere of "Virgin Territory," the Florida native had sex for the first time on her wedding night. Viewers last saw Lisa reflect about the experience the morning after, when she even declared to her husband Nick that it was her "first official day not being a virgin."

But how has her life changed since filming wrapped on MTV's new docu-series nine months ago?

"I'm not a virgin," a grinning Lisa dishes in the video below. "I've bonded really well with my husband in a way that we weren't bonded before. And besides that, maybe the third way is maybe I'm up a little bit later at night."

As for Lisa's views on sex, her attitude hasn't changed since she tied the knot. "I think that it's a beautiful thing that can bond two people," she says. "And I think my faith and being a Christian, it's definitely something that's so much more than just a physical act. It's emotional, it's spiritual and it's something that I can share with that one person."

To hear more from Lisa, including why she appeared on the show and the advice she'd give to anyone who is making the same choice that she made, watch the clip below. Also be sure to catch an all-new episode of "Virgin Territory" on Wednesday at 11/10c!