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Celebs Who Chartered Their Very Own 'Virgin Territory'

Jessica Simpson, Adriana Lima and Kevin Jonas are just a few who waited until the wedding night.

Weddings are special not because they're an excuse to party with your nearest and dearest — one's nuptials are truly memorable because they legally signify the beginning of your beautiful life with your best friend. Your partner-in-crime. Your soul mate.

For some, that evening is doubly special, marking a couple's first complete sexual experience. And that was the case with newlyweds Lisa and Nick, who we met during tonight's premiere of the new MTV docu-series "Virgin Territory."

The prospect of having sex for the first time was especially nerve-wracking for Lisa, who posed several valid questions: Will Nick want to do it 10 times a day? Do you have to do it all night? If you're tired, what way will get it over with the fastest? (Nick isn't a first-timer but chose to remain celibate after becoming a Christian and meeting Lisa.)

Lisa isn't alone. Many celebrities have navigated that same territory (and probably asked similar questions). Here are a few who made the same decision as the 23-year-old:

Jessica Simpson

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The singer and fashion designer received a purity ring from her dad at the age of 12 and waited to have sex until her 2002 marriage to Nick Lachey...which ended in divorce in 2005.

Kevin Jonas

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The eldest Jonas Brother beat his fellow siblings to the altar (and the bedroom?) when he finally removed his purity ring upon marrying longtime love Danielle Deleasa in December 2009.

Adriana Lima

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The Victoria's Secret supermodel waited until she was 27 years old to have sex, when she married Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric. The couple called it quits in May after five years of marriage.

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon

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They weren't virgins, but they decided to wait until their wedding night to consummate their marriage. The pop superstar once said, "It's not that we had no intimacy -- we just didn't have complete intimacy. We both have similar beliefs, and I just thought that it would be so much more special if we waited until after we were married. And it was, and it still is."

Carrie Underwood

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The country singer reportedly waited to have sex until marrying hockey player Mike Fisher in 2010, admitting in a 2007 interview that she was saving herself for her wedding night.

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