Justin Bieber Plays Paintball, Holds A Baby And Parties With Chris Brown -- All In One Day

Justin holding a baby is probably the cutest thing you will see all day.

Justin Bieber may have taken a break from the gym on Tuesday, but that doesn't mean his day wasn't action-packed, from paintballing and babies to hanging with Chris Brown.

Let's start from the beginning. After working up a sweat and going on a hike with his boys, JB continued to get physical, this time hitting up a paintball range.

Posing alongside a pal while holding an air-powered gun, the pop star looked ready for battle in a photo he captioned, "Kill or be killed #easymoneysniper"

Justin seemed to come out unscathed from the paintball shoot-out, probably because he was wearing the proper protection. We determined that from his "after" pic, which he also used to thank the range for setting up his fun day.

But the fun was just getting started. Later, Justin showed off his softer side, posting a picture of himself holding an adorable baby, with the simple caption "innocence." Everyone, say it together: "awww."

A few hours after paintballing and cuddling with babies, Justin was "back at it," partying with friends, including Chris Brown, who was rocking his 1930s style haircut.

Last month, Chris and Justin hit the studio together to make '1 for the fans,' but no word on when that song will be released.