7 Ways You Can Look Like Justin Bieber Shirtless

Now you can be sexy (and know it), too.

We’ve already established that Justin Bieber does, indeed, lift (bro). (His biceps are bigger than my face!) And we’re pretty sure that if we were to prick those rippling pecs with a pin, they would not deflate like a bunch of balloons, “Looney Toons”-style.

Yes, we commend you, Biebs, for your intense dedication to the temple that is your bod, and now we only have one question: How can be more like you? Is musclelyness next to Bieberlyness?

Luckily for us, Bieber has been documenting his burgeoning muscles via Instagram of late, giving us tons of handy tips to work out our quads and squads and pods (these are all medical terms, of course). Check out the seven most vital tips we’ve culled from his snaps below:

1. Do Not Be Scared To Levitate

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I know, I know, levitating is way scary (I was terrified to do that “light as a feather, stiff as a board” thing at sleepovers, too), but in order to get a “solid core,” as Biebs says in the caption of this snap, you have to #dontbescared. So, let the wizard that resides in the pocket of your flowered swaggy sweatpants do his thang.

Note: I assume Bieber is levitating via magic here because I don’t understand upper-body strength.

2. Make Sure To Celebrate Success With Your Bros

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