Watch Fifth Harmony Shock Fans With A Surprise Ambush

These Harmonizers thought they were making a fan-tribute video.

Ask any Fifth Harmony fan, and they'd tell you that they're loyal, dedicated and would do pretty much anything for their 5H girls.

So when MTV News asked 10 Harmonizers to help us create a fan-dedicated video for Camila, Normani, Dinah, Ally and Lauren, they happily obliged. With cameras rolling, we asked the lucky 10 to tell us why Fifth Harmony mean so much to them and to come up with some questions (like, What was the last lie you told?) that we would later ask the pop stars on behalf of the fans. But little did they know we were keeping a major secret!

These fans were about to get the surprise of a lifetime because Fifth Harmony were actually in. the. building. Watch the video below and see how these super-fans are totally ambushed by the "Bo$$" singers. And be prepared, because a dance party does break out.