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Rick Ross Weighs In On The Meek Mill Vs. Wale Incident

Plus, Wale released a new song called "MMG Under God."

Last week, Meek Mill and Wale got into a bit of an online altercation, with the Philly rapper calling out his labelmate for "hating" and being a "cornball."

The DMV native then spoke his piece in a lengthy Instagram post, addressing the situation. And on Tuesday (July 15), Maybach Music Group's head honcho, Rick Ross, weighed in on the two biggest stars he's signed going at it.

"It’s a misunderstanding," he told Bullett. "As soon as the tweets went out, I spoke to both of them on the phone. Those two guys, they’re brothers. At the end of the day, they’re brothers and it’s time to turn up right now. It’s time for all of us to turn up and stay turned up, you know what I mean? But it’s all love between those two and everybody knows that."

"They’re two real dudes, two successful dudes, and we all came from the same place," he added, directly contradicting some of the comments made by both his artists last week. At the time, Meek said, "I'm nothing like these dudes," and Wale countered with, "I walk in a completely different world."

Still, Rozay says they've been through a lot together, and suggested this is merely a speed bump in their otherwise tight relationship.

"When I first brought them on the team, we all drove to our first video set together. It was just us three, and I felt we all was at the bottom at the time."

In the years since, they've had their healthy share of highs. But Rozay suggested this was a low that comes with the territory, as well -- though nothing that the team and the two artists won't overcome.

"You know certain things will occur; that’s just the nature of the game," he said. "There’s going to be dust kicked up at every arena, and you should all expect that. But at the same time, we’re focused on what we came for."

Wale got back to what he came for on Tuesday, releasing a new song, "MMG Under God," which you can listen to below.

The soulful, poetic joint finds the Redskins fan repping his hometown while also addressing the "joy and pain" in life.

He ends with a spoken word bit that seems to address his relationship with Meek: "A brother you argue with is a brother you love enough to correct/ Passion over perfection as I religiously rep that Double M sh--."

And then, with his final words on the track, he shouts out the Philly rapper, who on Friday was sentenced to three to six months in prison: "Free Meek, doh."